What Is The Theme Of Much Ado About Nothing

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Much Ado About Nothing is a play written by William Shakespeare considered as one of his best comedies. It combines sturdy hilarity with severe reflects on dignity, humiliation and justice. Although it is a comedy, death is not absent. The setting of a play is in the town of Messina, in Italy. Characters develop through the story in a psychological way rather than by the change of circumstances. The word “nothing” in the title of the play is ambiguous, pronounced in Elizabethan dialect it could have different meanings. One of them was the same as these days meaning zero, other could refer to sexual or erotic connotations. It could also be interpreted as “noting” which means writing musical notes or observing, overhearing. Shakespeare had an extraordinary talent to use words and phrases. This play is written in prose and verse, especially in blank verse of iambic pentameter. The action of the play opens with the arrival of Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon, and his followers, at the residence of Leontado, Governor of Messina. Leontado lives with his young and beautiful daughter, Hero, his lighthearted and bright niece, Beatrice, and Beatrice's father, Antonio. From the beginning until the end we can notice two interwoven love stories. One of them is formal kind of romantic relationship, it includes Leonato's daughter Hero, and a young officer Claudio. When he comes back from war with Don Pedro, he immediately falls for Hero and asks her father for permission to marry her. Don Pedro is of a great help in Claudio's endeavours to propose marriage. Although it gave a kind of confusion who wants to win Hero's heart – Claudio or Don Pedro. The other two, Beatrice and Benedick (another officer who came with Don Pedro) give the feeling of dislike …show more content…

We can follow its development between characters and in the stages of their relationships. It might be an incidential cause of marriage or unintended result of

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