What Is The Theme Of The God Of Small Things

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The God of Small Things opens with memories of a family mourn around a drowned child’s sarcophagus. There are countless examples of miserable sequences in the novel. Throughout the story, all characters are portrayed in a very sympathetic manner. The reader gets morally strenuous and remains perplexed all the way at its agonizing finish. The God of Small Things is a family saga taking of a remote village in central Travancore region of South Kerala, the rustic idyll set in the author’s childhood and told endearingly through the stream of consciousness of a small girl. The story is purely autobiographical. In the novel, the writer breaks the regular sequence of events and allows them to the sad fate of Ammu shared by her two egg twins, Rahel and Estha. The theme of doomed love between Ammu, the Syrian Christian, Velutha,…show more content…
Moreover, they suffer from a feeling of guilt towards the children, in the present novel The God of small Things, Ammu, the protagonist of the novel losses everything (children, husband, family respect in the society, even her life) by her self-centered personality, desires and woman’s sexuality. However, it is observed that in the present generation women are ignorant to ethical values, In the way of searching self identity they are prone to make mistakes. The misdeeds cause misery in their lives. Towards the ending that misery becomes destruction or wreck in the total family. A mother can build or damage her life by her deeds. Indian mythology has many women who don their roles as mother and wife, who ultimately succeed. The situation is quite contradictory in the present scenario with the changing roles, values, expectations and demands of the society on a
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