What Is The Theme Of The Kaleidoscope

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Marisa Ransdell 9/21/17

Expect The Unexpected title? Maybe consider alternative idea = bluntly, harshly, or even contently BUT ultimately hurtling toward fate

Imagine approaching the last final hour of your life, not much time left to do specify = life goals, final wishes, ponder regrets? anything except get your final thoughts in order. What would be important to you at that point, when hierarchy and ranking no longer matter? In the short storyKaleidoscope,” Ray Bradbury explains unfolds a [plot statement, ex = a terse emotional tragedy of human existence after a space ship unexpectedly explodes catastrophically, leaving the astronauts drifting helplessly in [idea statement = & grapple with their life reflections/regrets, fate, trauma?] separated by cold, uncaring space different directions. Their headsets are the only indication that they are not alone. As these men hurtle toward their fate, they each react differently. Some react bluntly, harshly, or even contently. This story is mostly viewed from Hollis’ perspective and emotion. He provokes readers to examine their own life experiences and purpose. Kaleidoscope is a metaphor for when you reflect on life, you see your true colors through a way you have never seen before. …show more content…

It’s unexpected and beautiful. Change is great. People typically don’t like change because they’re used to staying in their comfort zone. But once they step out, it’s like a whole different point of view! Similarly to a kaleidoscope, one small shift in perspective can change an entire life. Always see the glass half full! I like the enthusiasm in this paragraph, however the exclamation points may not be a good fit in the essay. This paragraph seems a little out of place as well, you could move it closer to the intro when you are discussing the title, or you can create a transition from the other

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