What Is The Theme Of The Motorcycle Diaries By Che Guevera

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The Motorcycle Diaries by Ernesto “Che” Guevera mainly tells us about the travels of two friends, Ernesto and Alberto. Even though some elements such as plot and theme are expected to be more dominant in analyzing such literary works, the case in this one is different since the basis of storyline is formed by these two friends’ travels. In this respect, putting emphasis on characterization and setting while breaking down its story can lead us to more desirable results due to the fact that the people whom these two encounter with and places they go together are what matters in the concept of travel, which is the fundamental aspect of their story.

To begin with, characterization has a big role in the occurence of events as they are influenced by the people Ernesto and Alberto meet on the road. For instance, if it were not for the Raúl, a veterinery student who provided them …show more content…

Another point with characterization is that except for the protagonist, who is Ernesto, and his mate, Alberto, the other characters, apart from their influence on events, are static, flat and minor rather than being dynamic, round and major. Alberto’s brothers, Ernesto’s uncle, Ernesto’s girlfriend Chichina, Molinas Luco, the mayor of Valparaiso, Lautaro, a van driver, Luna, a short, friendly boy and Raúl are these characters all of whom can hardly be called “alive” compared with Ernesto and Alberto, two majors around whom the story revolves. First one of these is Ernesto “Che” Guevera, who is the main character and the focal point of the story. He is a university student whose major is medicine and he is in his last year. He also has a dog, whose name is Comeback. He quits his job and is very happy about this situation. Besides these, Ernesto makes a statement which is very crucial to his personality, he says: “But I’ll leave you now, with myself, the man I used to be…” It can be

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