What Is Universal Healthcare

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The readings in this module discuss universal healthcare. Universal healthcare was created in order to ensure that every individual could obtain the health services they need without suffering financial hardship when paying for them. In fact, universal healthcare is the type of health care plan where every member of the society can receive health coverage no matter what his or her social status, income, age, gender, race, etc. is. In fact, more than half the countries throughout the world have some degree of a guaranteed right to healthcare for their citizens, which are written in their constitutions. Unfortunately, on the other hand, “The United States is one of 86 countries whose constitutions do not guarantee their citizens any kind of …show more content…

The stakeholders in healthcare include the physicians, employees, insurers, and the patients. Having no universal healthcare benefits all four of these stakeholders. The physicians are being paid a substantial amount of money and in return the patients are getting exceptional quality of care. The insurance companies are happy because they are also receiving a great amount of revenue and so are the employees. Having this type of healthcare system allows all four groups to benefit tremendously. Of course we have the negative aspects such as high costs and the wait times can be long, but not nearly as long as universal care. Also not having universal care may be free, but physicians do not want to work because they are not getting paid what they should be, there really are no insurance companies, and the patients are not being treating with good quality. I am not sure how this healthcare system works. Physicians who are benefited substantially will work harder than a physician who gets the same pay no matter how many patients they see in a day. There is no absolutely no incentive to work and that is why they universal healthcare system simply does not work. In fact, the only stakeholders that may be benefiting are the individuals who cannot afford health insurance. Therefore, many countries may look at our system and think we are ridiculous and are patients are undervalued, but in reality they truly are not. We may have our flaws, but in my opinion we have the best possible healthcare system in the

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