What Is Visual Perception? And Two Theorists And Their Theories

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What is visual perception? And two theorists and their theories

Visual perception plays an important role in our lives allowing us to enjoy and explore the world around us, enabling us to interact with other people, and provides us with the tools we need to read books, watch the television, read cues and body language and look at fine art and beautiful things in great detail. (Eysenck and Keane 2005). Visual perception is the ability to gained information from our surroundings and the environment we live it using our sensory organs such as the ears, eyes, nose etc. When we use these sensory organs to pick up information from our surroundings these organs transmits the information gain and sends in to our brains (McLeod 2008)

Sounds very simple but this is far from the truth, I will briefly describe what occurs as we do not simply look at an object and have the ability to define what it is, for example looking at a chair or table and knowing what that object is and its function. It is only through our ability to process information internally following what our sensory organs (the eyes) have initially seen. It is through these processes that we are able to perceive the world around us. By using our eyes we are able to pick up the information from our environment creating a two dimensional image that is projected on to our retina. Through internal processes this two dimensional image is turned in to a three dimensional imagine where we are able to determine
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