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Everything is wrong until proven right, right? Wrong. : Argumentative Essay The quote “Science isn’t a list of things we know to be true; it’s a collection of ideas we can’t prove wrong...yet.” by J. Robertson makes us question everything we think we know. I disagree with what he is saying because it discourages people to educate themselves and makes current discoveries seem pointless. This quote makes most readers feel defeated and not want to expand their knowledge, which is fundamentally discouraging.
Something that sets the human race apart from other species is our cognitive skills and ability to connect ideas. Just as you work the muscles in your body by exercising, you need to work your brain with new activities to keep it sharp and healthy. Harvard Health Publications studies show that just as your muscles grow stronger with exercise, so does your brain, keeping your memory and mental skills sufficient. J. Robertson stating “Science isn’t a list of things we know to be true; it’s a collection of ideas we can’t prove wrong...yet,” discourages people to want to learn knew things and make discoveries, this is due to the fact the quote makes the reader feel like everything they will ever learn is pointless,
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Scientists have lead the us to a much more developed era than we once were, with discoveries such as DNA sequences and robotics. The benefits of these advances do not go unrecognized in our daily lives. In the sense most people are constantly taking medicine, going to the doctors, and using the internet. The findings of these scientists has changed our everyday lives in numerous ways. For J. Robertson to say that these are not “a list of things we know to be true” makes it seem like he is taking a position that we do not know whether these revolutionary discoveries have benefits, even though we see clear
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