What Is Wrong With Standardized Testing

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Nowadays, students across America are subjected to take tests that determine whether they are liable of going to the next level. Standardized tests have become the agenda by which students’ achievements are measured. They have become the only way teachers and schools measure the achievement process of students. Because they have become the only way to rationalize students’ learning progress, teachers have begun teaching to the test (Longo 56). Standardized tests only measure students’ learning progress; it does not improve it.
A study conducted by Michael Hout and his colleagues, published in Issues in Science and Technology, shows that tests measure only a subset of the content in a subject area (33). If tests only contain a part of what students should learn, should we base our learning process on
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This causes education to be left in the hands of legislators who may not be experts in the field of education, while eliminating the opinions of teachers and parents who are experts on education. As supported by the study, when education is left in the hands of legislators, the learning process is directed to standardized test. This causes school administrators to pressure teachers. In turn, teachers teach students so that they can meet the requirements or excel on the test. In doing so, Teacher partially stop their teaching methods and commence teaching materials that would be found in the standardized tests instead of teaching materials to improve learning. In the end, the learning process becomes attributed to tests. Through this, standardized tests deprive students the full learning opportunity they deserve and they also deprive teachers of the privilege they acquire from educating students. If tests are only making sure we learn what is determined as useful by a third party, we are not
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