What Is the Extent of the Media's Influence Regarding Eating Disorders?

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Abstract The research question of this Psychology Extended Essay is “What is the Extent of the Media’s Influence Regarding Eating Disorders?” To further investigate this question, I researched what the media is and what it does, how people are affected by the media and many different studies and experiments. Through the use of several sources, mostly online and experiments, I was able to learn exactly what the media does to possibly be considered an influence on the development of eating disorders. I was able to find a multitude of experiments and studies deciding whether or not women are actually influenced by what the media has to say about body image. While typing this paper, I realized that, of course, the media was not the only …show more content…

Some say yes, some say no, it depends. The Media Influences Eating Disorders, Fact or Fiction? The media has become an essential part of men and women’s lives for years, dating all the way back to before World War II in the late 1930’s. It was said to be that the media during this time injected “values and morals into society” (Jade). In today’s society, there are several different types of social groups. Some of the social groups may be effected by the media and how they portray the perfect woman and some may not be effected because they may “reject the messages that are not consistent with the values of that group” (Jade). There are also several different types of people in this world, some of whom have very low self-esteem or confidence and are therefore affected more by what the media says than others with a higher self-esteem. The media “contributes to a toxic environment in which eating disorders may be more likely to occur. This is because of the “Damaging Paradox” of modern society in which the media promotes,” (Jade). While this is happening, the environment is also providing people with an array of food that is high in calories and in fat and the media is pressuring men and women to eat the products and as a result, they are becoming heavier and heavier (Jade). Once they become heavier, their anxiety level peeks and this is where eating disorders begin to develop. A toy, made in 1959 by an American toy

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