What I've Learned from My Various Leadership Experiences

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Essay 1
What have you learned from your various leadership experiences?
I have always been a firm believer of the fact that leadership experiences help in shaping a student’s inner as well as outer self to some extent. The kind of leadership activities I have been a part of range from scholastic activities to sports activities and community services.

My definition of being a leader is one, who is committed to his work, put his best in what his doing and learning from successes and failures. A leader always strives for success, but when attaining success seems quite far from reach, the easiest thing is to give up. However, giving up is one’s own defeat in his own eyes.

Representing my school was never an easy job. During a competition like a business quiz or a chess completion, I saw like 100 other students competing for one title. Among the 100 students, eventually one student had to win the title. That does not mean that the 99 other students did not deserve to win. Thus, these activities made me realise that if I regret about not performing well or losing, it is only going to affect me further. I should be proud of the fact that I got a chance to represent my school among my school-mates. When leading a team, I have learnt to have faith in the team and motivate the team-mates every now and then so the confidence level is always at the optimum point. The one thing that a leader should tell his team that winning and losing is part and parcel of a game, one should learn

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