What Kinds Of Dishes Do College Students Prefer? Essay

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Real Kungfu is a famous restaurant chain in China, and it is famous for the healthy steamed dishes. Until 2013, Real Kungfu had opened over 479 restaurants in China, and China Daily ranked Real Kungfu as top 10 fast food in China in 2014.
Over the past few decades, there is an increasing number of people pay more attention to healthy diet in Australia (Williams, Hull and Kontos, 2009). Several studies have been carried out on campus about students’ dietary habit, Driskell, Meckna and Scales (2006) revealed that the majority of college students had fast food on campus one to two times weekly, and most participants indicated they prefer to have some healthier food choices. Therefore, fast food with healthy dishes is possible to have a great demand in college market.
However, Real kungfu did not enter into Australia college market, and know nothing about the international college market. What kinds of dishes do college students prefer? How to open the college market in Australia? The aim of this research is to find out the strategies for Real Kungfu to open the college market in Australia.
Research Objectives
Real Kongfu expands business into Macquarie university fast food market.
The objectives of this research are:
To determine which location is the most assessable to Macquarie university students.
To investigate which products would satisfy most Macquarie University students’ need.
To learn the acceptance of price for Macquarie university students.
In order to
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