What Makes A Gift?

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Given a gift

Naming one simple experience that has transformed my life has proven to be a challenge. It’s a bit overwhelming looking back at the journey that has led me here. Where and when did it all begin? I believe, it may have started the day my daughter was born, April 25, 2006, at 4:44 pm. Unknowingly, this 7lb baby was about to give me a precious gift, the opportunity to recreate my childhood through the eyes of a child. She was going to challenge everything I knew to be right, and convince me to make changes for the better.

This was not an easy journey for me. My upbringing was full of negative and judgmental temperaments, where respect and appreciation was unfamiliar. Creating an uneasiness or anxiety in myself and my abilities. I would constantly over think situations, because of my lack of confidence.

As Tamara neared her first birthday, I was faced with the decision to close my business, and stay at home. We thought this would be the best option for our family. But the thought of being "stuck" at home, entertaining a toddler didn 't seem to offer me the same sense of fulfillment. Pretending with dolls was awkward and uncomfortable, because it didn’t involve real life issues or chaos. I remember purposely starting dinner or keeping busy doing dishes, just to avoid having to play house. My little blue-eyed angel would come up to me and say "here Mommy,” holding a princess plate filled with playdoh and proudly stating "I made you hot dogs."

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