What Makes A Healthy Meal?

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A lot of people realize that they can go get a value meal at any number of fast-food restaurants for less money than it would take to purchase foods that would make a healthy meal for them and their family. Adding insult to injury to the problem, many people who are on intensely limited food budgets, such as those who receive food stamps, live in what some people call “food deserts", which are areas without any grocery stores, and fast food may be the only other option available. While it is possible to eat healthy on a low amount of money, it requires that you recognize what makes a healthy meal, and that is not always easy when the temptations of quick and easy dinner is available down the street. America has a very bad habit of adding preservatives and other things that people don’t notice into foods to either enhance taste, make whatever it is they are making more visually appealing, or even in some cases just because they can. Instead of making sure that all Americans have easy access to healthy and family friendly foods, the U.S government is aggressively promoting a diet that is made up of high fructose corn syrup, corn oil, soy bean oil, and grain-fed cattle. These basic junk foods are made even more affordable through the use of harmful filler ingredients and preservatives that prevent the foods from spoiling, with because of this the very worst foods for your health and body are often a lot cheaper to purchase. “Obesity affects close to 36 percent of U.S

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