What Makes A Hero Or Hero?

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A handsome man with extraordinary strength, a defined jawbone, dreamy eyes, perfect hair, a deep voice, and absolutely charming qualities, breaks into the villain’s home to rescue the damsel in distress and save her from this excruciating nightmare! Yes, that man may be, in essence, a hero. Because of this stereotypical “hero”, we do not see the real heroes in life. What really IS a hero or heroine? A hero is what we make of them, although some are undeserving of this title. We make a hero. You, me, society; we all make heroes. We give them this title. Heroes are role models, and role models, in my eyes, should possess three very significant qualities. Courage, humbleness, and morality; these form a hero. The classic hero. Ah, he’s brave and bold. He must have the courage to overcome his fears, and accomplish his mission. One of the earliest fictional adventurers whom people looked up to, did in fact possess this trait. The mighty Odysseus, Son of Laertes, main character of The Odyssey, was very well-known for his courage. Odysseus goes to Hades, the equivalent of hell, without question! Odysseus has nearly no idea of what lies ahead of him when passing through Hades. He, however, accepts the challenge. Odysseus uses courage, looks fear in the face, and continues walking, all to see his wife once again! Odysseus isn’t the only hero who utilizes courage. There are real life heroes too. My grandpa, Pa, battled cancer for nearly three years. He fought through this serious
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