What Makes A Paraphilic Disorder?

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For those who are familiar with this term, many understand that this sort of addiction is an un-healthy one, an addiction that is definitely going to summon some interesting comments, can put you in jail, and maybe earn you some new enemies. What most fail to understand is that this is actually a mental disorder. A “Voyeur” is a special kind of person who enjoys to spy on unsuspecting and/ or unconsenting victims, while they ( the victims) engage in private acts. Most voyeurs don’t understand that what they do is wrong since this disorder does not affect anyone else besides the the person committing the act, it has little to no effects on society and most often goes unnoticed. According to the DSM 5, voyeurism is also known as a one of…show more content…
These conditions include: exhibitionistic, fetishistic, frotteuristic, pedophiliac, sexual masochism, sexual sadism, transvestite, and the topic of this research paper voyeuristic disorder. Most people are curious, “are voyeurs easy to spot?” the answer is: absolutely not. This is why most don’t know that they are being preyed on. How does one come to recognize the symptoms of a voyeur? “The symptoms of Voyeuristic Disorder are extremely difficult notice. According to DSM 5, the most common symptoms of Voyeuristic Disorder are experiencing intense sexual fantasies and urges or getting sexual gratification from watching a person naked with or without the consent of the target. Not everyone who has voyeuristic tendencies suffers from Voyeuristic Disorder. The diagnosis of Voyeuristic Disorder is made if the behavior, fantasies and the intense sexual urges cause significant distress or hindrance to social, occupational and other significant areas of normal functioning.” As most can understand why, Voyeurism is considered to be the most common of law-breaking sexual behaviors (Raymond & Grant, 2008). “Voyeurism is considered a criminal act in many jurisdictions. It is usually classified as a misdemeanor. As a result, legal penalties are often minor. The possibility of exposure and embarrassment may deter some voyeurs. It is also not easy to prosecute voyeurs as intent to watch is difficult to prove. In their defense
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