What Makes A Product Marketing?

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Jimmy Doe, a typical parent of a toddler going to purchase a box of cereal, must first decide a few things before he will become in possession of the cereal. First he must choose at which store he will shop. Next, he must decide what type of cereal to purchase. And finally, he must choose a brand of the particular style of cereal to buy. All of these decisions can surprisingly be influenced by companies. In fact, most of the time consumers are unaware that they are being controlled, so to speak. Many tactics are employed, and many of the tactics are quite imaginative. This manipulation serves to not only increase a company’s profits, but also it serves to make the brand more recognizable. The game of product marketing is remarkably complex…show more content…
Confirmation of this is provided by the massive number of sales Apple experiences. In the food market, companies will try to sway the consumer to purchase its brand by using eco-friendly, recycled material. It attempts to appeal to the consumer’s pathos by invoking sympathies with Earth (“Recycled Products” 257-61). A consumer sees the company as caring for the environment, and therefore, the consumer feels a connection with the company – enough to choose it over the competition. In addition, colors are employed to associate various colors to certain feelings. For example, green is a color used to convey a sense of being natural and clean. This often plays to the advantage of chemicals, such as cleaning agents, in the current market that is saturated with hesitant customers. And finally, size can play a large role in number of purchases made. A study performed at the University of California, San Diego, investigated whether or not offering the exact same product in different sizes would affect the sales. The leads of the experiment allowed participants to select one, larger volume of soda or multiple, smaller sized sodas. In the end, it was found that participants were more likely to purchase the latter. The explanation is that the consumer feels like they are getting the better deal because the number of individual sodas, not total volume of soda, was greater at the similar price (“Regulating” np). Overall, just the most basic of details of a package
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