What Makes A Product Marketing?

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John Doe, a typical parent of a toddler going to purchase a box of cereal, must first decide a few things before he will become in possession of the cereal. First he must choose at which store he will shop. Next, he must decide what type of cereal to purchase. And finally, he must choose a brand of the particular style of cereal to buy. All of these decisions can surprisingly be influenced by companies. In fact, most of the time consumers are unaware that they are being controlled, so to speak. Many tactics are employed, and many of the tactics are quite imaginative. This manipulation serves to not only increase a company’s profits, but also it serves to make the brand more recognizable. The game of product marketing is remarkably complex due to the influences on consumers through product design, product advertising, and product placement.
Part of what makes a product attractive is its appearance. From cellphones to coffee, this statement is both accurate and vital to the marketability of the product. Three of the main components of the product, as well as its packaging, include the materials used as well as colors and sizes. The utilized materials can convey different meanings to a consumer. Looking at the popular Apple iPhone, a part of Apple’s design philosophy is to achieve what is often referred to as a premium feel, though there is no such things as a quantifiable premium. They do this by creating a phone with a solid, metal body. Because of this, consumers associate

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