What Makes A Stronger Roi And Risk Assessment Case

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Several of the class topics and discussions have influenced my perception of the situation. First, I definitely need to make a stronger ROI and risk assessment case for PM to the executives. Accountability starts at the top, and if I can’t persuade the current executive team to own the program then their lack of commitment will continue to cascade down throughout the leadership team. Even though we made some changes a couple years ago, it doesn’t mean everyone is on board now. Some of the players have changed. Newer members may need education. Longer term leaders may need reminders of why we all agreed to the importance at the time, and the continued risks of not having a robust performance management program.
Also, I recognize now that this was a significant culture change for our organization. I just expected to flip a switch and everything would change. Change doesn’t work that way. As with all change, it requires continual reinforcement of the reasons for change, lessons, and rewards. What is the reward for managers who follow the process? There isn’t any. Although those who do nothing don’t seem to suffer any consequences, that shouldn’t negate rewarding those who comply.
The slide on the Dangers of a Poorly Implemented PM System really hit home. Is it possible that the implementation wasn’t robust enough? We’ve had some recent turnover of high performers. Were they experiencing burn-out, lower self-esteem, and damaged relationships? How could we have done a better job…
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