What Makes Me Love?

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When looking at what love means everybody has a different interpretation of what it is and what it means to them. During our lifetime, we will experience several different types of loves that range from love for our family, friends and lovers. We will show our love for those we care about in many different ways. For me love isn’t just a four letter word it’s about how one shows their love for those they care about. I am not a person that will say I love you one hundred times a day instead, I would rather show you with my actions. If you’re sick, I will visit and bring you some soup to soothe your aches. If you’re lonely I will keep you company if I can, and if you need my shoulder to cry on it will always be there for you. We all express our love differently towards all people and I believe that love is a learned behavior that starts early in life.
Growing up I always noticed that my parent’s relationship was very different than those of my peer’s parents. My parents were loving towards each other and very respectful. I could honestly say they have been married for almost 40 years. To this day I have never seen them argue. They have attributed this to the fact that they were longtime friends before they married. There has always been a mutual respect that was already set in place. Instead of fighting when conflict arises they talk it out just like they did when they were just friends. I have known my husband for many years before we ever considered any type of romantic

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