Essay on What Makes Steve Jobs Successful?

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“You’ve got to find what you love,” I completely agree with Steve Jobs. Everyone searches for happiness and what they live for. He had gone through a lot to figure out what he loved. Steve’s three stories were very influencing. To be young and having to figure out what to do with his future and to make a living, was it worth it for him to do what he loves? He made me think that it was worth it in the end. Steve went through hard times, but ultimately he lived a very successful life. Steve had chosen a college that was not fairly cheap. He chose that school and did not even like attending it. His parents strived to even let him afford to go to college. Eventually he dropped out. He was making his parents happy for going, but he was not …show more content…

Reading from when he dropped out, you would not think that much success would come to him. After he had gotten fired, he was lost for a while. He felt as if he let everyone down. It really dawned on him, but he knew he wanted to continue doing what he loved. Steve, after five years, created a company called NeXT. Also another named Pixar. Not only did those two companies’ bring him happiness. He had even fallen in love with an amazing woman. To think none of this would have not even happened if he was not fired from Apple. He said that sometimes life hits you with a brick. It is true. But what matters is if you let it keep you down. You have to have faith in what you believe and want to achieve. Anything can happen in your future. Finally, Steve’s last story was about death. At this point I was thinking he had gone through enough and finally was going to gain the happiness he deserved. Unfortunately I was wrong. He had been diagnosed with cancer. He physically saw that in his scan there was a tumor. He went through everything you have to go to when you get diagnosed. He had planned to tell his children, prepare his loved ones, and set everything out for his family. After all he had gone through to live a happy life, there was the brick he was talking about. Eventually Steve had a miracle. The cancer ended up being cured. Never less, to me, that showed that life is anything but predictable. You should not take anything for granted. And

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