What Makes Up A Good Fiction Story? In A Fiction Short

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What makes up a good fiction story? In a fiction short story the reader wants to be drawn in and connect with the story being told. As the reader we are looking for action, anticipation, or even go on an adventure with characters throughout the story. We also want to be able to bond with these characters so that it feels as if we are experiencing their journey or struggles with them, even if it is fictional. According to Joseph Kelly’s introduction to his textbook, The Seagull Reader: Stories, his definition of what makes a short story, this is what a good fictional story should be made up of, and the crucial elements that need to exist for all of this to happen. Such as, point of view, characters, plot, setting, and symbolism etc. After …show more content…

It is now done. All else is as nothing. I have found my quest. The old curse is broken. I can rejoin her. What matter about her inanimate shell so long as her spirit is awaiting me at the other side of the veil! (Doyle 472).
This shows that Sosra can be portrayed as a madman but all he ultimately wants his to be with his love. This truly shows what passion he has to finally find out the remedy to reverse what he has done and rest in piece with the one he loves. This is a great example of his true character. Setting in a short story is where the events and actions take place. But it is sometimes beyond just the time and the place for where the story is being told. For example, as a reader the setting can also establish atmosphere and the mood, which helps us feel and relate a little bit more with what is happening and the characters. “Setting might also serve as a window into the emotional state of a character, this technique is called projection” (Kelly xxii). Because of the type of setting a character is in can effect the way they feel for example in The Ring of Thoth John falls asleep in a far corner in the Museum after a long day. But when he woke up the mood and atmosphere was completely different for that the Museum was now closed. And all of a sudden the mood changed because he saw a light in the distance coming closer. This added a suspenseful moment to the story and the mood of the setting had changed. “The

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