What Make's Up One's Identity?

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Thesis statement; There are a great deal of factors that altogether form one’s identity, the most relevant and main ones are culture, which includes nationality as well as religion, intellect, personality, and world exposure.

I. Culture is a crucial factor when it comes to forming one’s identity. A. The characteristics of our country of origin. * The power that our nationality has on our person. * The language, our culinary traditions, clothing etc. B. Religion. * The values. * The traditions.

II. Ways of interpreting situations and our personality, strongly mirror who we are. A. The elements that formed our intellect. * Education and upbringing. * Political views, as well as other ideas
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Furthermore, there are local recipes that we learn which even as used as “comfort foods” to cure homesickness. There are traditional dances, for example the flamenco in Spain, the “dabke” in Lebanon or the French
Can-Can, outfits and holidays the country celebrates, especially independence day. To sum up, all of these elements make up one’s nationality, which contributes to one’s culture. Culture is not only formed through one’s nationality, but also by his religion. Even though some individuals believe that religion is not really a very significant part in one’s identity, I believe that it is crucial and that it is present in most of our decisions. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish or even Atheist, this is a major characteristic of your identity. Religions first of all come with a set of values and rules we should follow. For example, a
Muslim woman, should refrain from wearing revealing clothes, and preferably should wear an “abbaye” and headscarf, in order to respect her and others; she should not have sexual relations before marriage. Men or women are not allowed to be homosexual, which actually is a value for many religions, they should pray five times a day, go do a pilgrimage in Mecca once in their lifetime, Buddhist are to consider the cow as sacred etc. The values are, like many other religions; not to sin, to pray and be good to one another. On the other
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