What Makes Us Alike

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Are we Similar, or Different?

It is one of the most common questions asked: What similarities and differences exist among us? What, as humans, makes us so incredibly different, and at the same time, unexplainably similar? Are we more diverse, or more similar? The article, “Japan and United States Come Together at Pearl Harbor Memorial”, and the essay, “Words To Sit In, Like Chairs”, shed light on this question.
Although separate countries have different traditions, different people, and diverse cultures, we, as people, are bound together by what makes us similar. The quote, “In likely the last time he will meet with a foreign leader as president, Obama said the two countries are bound by shared interests and common values.”, is used when describing the relationship between America and Japan, and supports the fact that we are bound as one. It reveals that despite our differences,
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What can be inferred from it, is that despite bitter histories, separate nations have been able to unite as one, to form “powerful alliances”. This quote proves that our history does not affect the similarities and differences between us today. One of the central ideas in “Japan and United States Come Together at Pearl Harbor Memorial”, is moving on. The central idea of moving on is developed when the author states, “Japan's government has said the visit is powerful proof that the two former enemies have moved past their former bitterness.” The central idea is developed by this quote because it acknowledges the fact that countries are able to move on despite their histories; that when the past is forgotten, the only thing that remains among us, is our
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