What Mcd Is The Cornerstone For Mass Casualty Decontamination?

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Mass Casualty Decontamination Saving lives, and mitigating suffering is the cornerstone for mass casualty decontamination (MCD). Imagine if you will, a nuclear chemical plant suddenly erupts within the United States. As a result, desecration to infrastructure and loss of lives. Additionally, there are thousands of people who are contaminated with the fallout radiation particles. MCD is not an ingrained skill; rather it 's a developed technique that is highly valued and its practical application is critical to the sustainment of human lives. MCD is a challenging concept with numerous steps to produce the desired ending result. At the forefront, are lane schematics and problematic areas that will hinder MCD. The targeted audience in my original lesson plan was the small group leaders: Platoon Sergeants, who have vital roles in managing a successful MCD site. All portrayed in the video had limited knowledge of the MCD concept; however, they had the foundational skills to understand what MCD is and its importance. The group ranged in ages from 29-40, with each having a particular role within MCD. It’s important to note, MCD is an additional skill set that is not taught in their initial Military job training. I opened the lesson with reinforcing the primary objective of MCD, with is saving lives and mitigating suffering. Then advanced into the MCD site setup, which consists of two lanes, ambulatory, and nonambulatory. I explained the five key phases needed to

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