What Model Of Structured Reflection Essay

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The WHAT Model of Structured Reflection: What? So what and now what?
Taking time to volunteer at schools, childcare facilities, non-profit organizations, and various other local community services is not always a top priority of young people while navigating through their college or university experiences. Service learning, however, is “a work-based learning experience through which students learn, develop, and apply academic and vocational skills to address the real life needs of their local communities” (Bettina Lankard Brown). It offers an atmosphere in which students can obtain problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, and other skills necessary for their future employment.
What happened? Include descriptive facts, what happened, with whom; the substance of the interaction.
Over the past few months, I have been assisting a teacher of a, split, grade 1 – 2 class at Pioneer Park Elementary School for my service learning placement. Every Wednesday morning I arrive at the school between 8:30 and 9:00 am. My first duty includes helping the teacher hang up student`s artwork, from the previous day, in the hallway near their classroom. The bell then rings promptly at 9:00 am and, at this time, I hold the door open for the grade 1 and 2 children to come barreling into the school. After removing their coats, backpacks, and boots or outdoor shoes, the students settle down and stand in a straight line before the teacher allows them to go into the classroom. Once inside

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