What Organizational Culture Is And What Organisational Culture Is

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Briefly, define what organisational culture is and what organisational identity is.
• Basically, this is a set of adopted and accepted values, norms, customs, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours, traditions that govern the ultimate conduct of people within any given organisation or company.
• It reflects the mentality, work ethics, policies and procedures of the organisations.
• It is that which is ingrained in the behaviour, conduct and perceptions of employees in an organisation that brings out, shapes or moulds the “personality” of an organisation.
• Organisational culture is that strong unique component of culture that is created by an organisation that bears a distinct atmosphere that brings either a sense of belonging, can make someone what to be associated/identified with the organisation or vice versa. • Organisational identity is that component which is central, enduring and distinctive about and …show more content…

This can be achieved through asking the questions, “Who are we” or “who do we want to be” as an organisations.
• Organisational identity is the bridge between the organisation’s position on the outside environment or market place that is drawn on the foundation of the organisational culture.
• It lies on the internal views of its drivers, the human component of it all and the views or feelings of an encompassing atmosphere that attracts a spirit of association/belongingness and partnering with the organisation that employees and/or even outsiders feel drawn to.
• It reflects structure which encompass business registry, performance on the stock exchange, production of financial statements and tax liabilities or obligations.
• Based on the organisation design, colour for monothilic identity, logo and its corporate name, these are reminiscent of organisational identity.(Olins,

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