What Rank Are You Applying For?

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What rank are you applying for? Staff (Helper) What is your age? 14 (10/25/2001) What is your IGN? Kyphoticc Are you a Boy or Girl? Boy What country do you live in? United States Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel?: Yes, I do. It’s called “Hacker Report,” and the only videos that get uploaded are hacker reports. Do you have a microphone/headset?: I use a headset as my microphone which is in really good condition and works just fine. Why do you want this rank?: I want this rank because I believe that minecraft is like a community. A place where people come together to share ideas and have fun. I want to be a part of this and help make this server a fun community. I am also applying because of how much I enjoy doing this. I love helping servers grow and become something amazing and I believe I can do this on this server. I love being a part of something and being dedicated to it. I also love helping people. I feel as if I have a knack for it. I also strive to do my best in solving problems and fixing arguments. I enjoy everything about being a staff member. I think enjoying what you want to do will help you succeed, so if I 'm being a staff member on the server I would feel I would do well because of how much I love it. I believe that one of the most important part of being staff on a server is enjoying what you do because if you were to hire someone that doesn 't then they might not do the job thorough and well. Also, I want to be approved because I love

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