Essay on What Sets the Human Race Apart from Other Species

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What sets the human race apart from other species on Earth? The answer can be summed up in three words; cognition, language, and creativity. We have the ability to think and create. The human race communicates in a unique way.

Imagination is a powerful thing. We can form mental images, and through perseverance and combining cognitive forces with others, we can make those images reality. No species can create on the scale that we can. Sure, a beaver can build a dam, and a spider its web; but on a global scale? Imagine what a world like that would be like.

Conceptualizing is what we do. We have an understanding of what a spider is, and what a beaver is. We categorize them into groups by creating rules, called conceptual rules. With these …show more content…

While nothing is perfect, some things come close, and yet, sometimes not. What are the odds that your intuition is accurate? Try flipping a coin.

We now move onto intelligence, which is the ability to reason, create, and interact with the world around us. Some psychologists theorize that more than one aspect of intelligence exists, though general intelligence is a major contributing factor in the success of individuals in most aspects of life.

How do we measure intelligence? The term used to denote measurable intelligence is psychometric intelligence. There are many tests to indicate intelligence; some are special aptitudes tests, and others, general intelligence tests. One test, called the SB5 for short, measures five aspects of intelligence; fluid reasoning, knowledge, quantitative reasoning, visual-spatial processing, and working memory.

There are variations in intelligence just as there are variations in nature. For whatever reasons, be it innately or through their environment, some people are very intelligent, while others are not. During childhood, the brain grows, both in size and ability. If there is no proper stimulus during these critical years, then the brain suffers. One of the best ways to strengthen the brain is through bilingualism. Bilingualism strengthens the brain, and deters brain decay in old age. One thing to note is that the mind and body can be disconnected when it comes to intelligence, meaning that physical

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