What Should A Novel Look Like? Essay

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Schools have created a basic outline for what a book should include to make it a work of “inspirational modern literature”. A typical “role model” book includes different parts of it to appeal to the general reader. The various points that make a book worth reading are the fundamental parts of a successful novel. All modern novels must stem from one source, this source being a general example of a work of “modern literature”. Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Fin created a standard for what literature was, and will forever be. One of the three most crucial parts of a successful novel is the character development of the protagonist. This is vital in a story, as it gives the reader a feel of who the character truly is in the beginning, how …show more content…

It is recognized that there is less silence of the thought process of Huck as it is apparent that his moral character has started to develop. Further down the Mississippi, “Huck ... faces once again the responsibility for deciding on a course of his action”, (Nash Henry Smith) and is forced to truly, again, think about who Jim is to him: a sub-human creature, or his only companion? Though troubled by this decision, he still seems that it is fair to treat Jim unequally, but what is most important is the fact that he is uneasy as to how he should go about his decision. By the end of the novel, Huck’s moral development has also come to a completion, as it is apparent that he now sees Jim as more than a slave. At the climax of the book, when Huck rips up the note he was to send to Jim’s owner, Twain shows the “deepest level of [Huck’s] personality [, as he overcomes] the overlay of prejudice and false valuation imposed on all members of the society”. (Nash Henry Smith) It is obvious now, that Huck has a completed view on the world he lives in, and where his beliefs stand, successfully categorizing him a “hero”. Being one of the major elements in a work of literature entitles that the protagonist overcomes a change in a personality, finally overcoming the struggle of who he will in fact, become in the end. “Huck

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