What Should Cynthia Mitchell Do?

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The following sections will help to generate alternative solutions to discuss what Cynthia should do regarding Steve’s case, whether it is ever right to discriminate against individuals for their own goods, and whether it is a manager’s obligation sometimes to violate against their personal ethics to make decisions.
What Should Cynthia Mitchell Do? In other words, should she terminate Steve? Should she have placed him in this position to begin with? (Humphreys, 2009.) First of all, Steve’s performances steadily declined for an obvious reason that a majority of customers who refused to work with an African-American representative. Apparently, the customers exhibited racial preferences when they preferred to work with people of their own races. Under the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), any employment decisions which are based on the discriminatory and racial preferences from the customers or workers are seen as unlawful. Likewise, the decision from Cynthia’s upper manager, Frank Romans, who preferred not to hire Steve because it might “against” the clients’ expectations. While he might not deliberately discriminate against Steve, without knowing, his actions would more likely to contribute to the act of discrimination and racial preferences. This is true in AgFunds and most American corporates that when a workforce whose accounts for a majority of white, they still implicitly prefer not to hire minorities or non-white workers because of their preferred

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