What Skills Are Important In The Importance Of Phonemic Awareness

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1. Define phonemic awareness. What skills are important in the instruction of phonemic awareness?
a. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, isolate, identify, and manipulate the discrete sounds of language, this only involves the sounds of speech and not the letters or words.
b. The skills important when instructing phonemic awareness are concepts of print, recognizing/producing rhyme, syllable tasks, blending syllables, phonemic tasks and onset and rime (word families). When instructing phonemic awareness, the reader should emphasize sounds and use visual and oral instruction whenever possible, such as manipulatives.
2. Why is visualization such an important comprehension skill for readers? How can we teach visualization to struggling readers?
a. Visualization, or mental imagery, helps students make a picture of the reading in their minds by relating text to personal experiences from prior knowledge. Visualization is such an important comprehension skill because students cannot remember what they are reading if they cannot picture the story in their head. It would be similar to memorizing text and having no techniques to remember the text. However, by visualizing, the reader is creating a personal connection with the text and activating prior knowledge. Therefore, they are able to picture and recall what they are reading.
b. We can teach visualization to struggling readers, specifically students with disabilities, by having them think about what they see, hear, smell,
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