What Type And How Much Food A Person Should Eat

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Statement of the Research Problem
Rational and Justification: There two different components that are going on in this study. The human body is very complicated and not everyone’s bodies are the same. There are many of recommendations on what type and how much food a person should eat. Everyone seems to have their own recommendation for the percent each macronutrient should make up of the total calories a person consumes in a day. Carbohydrates are especially have a big range of how much to have in a diet. The second component is athletes are super competitive. People dedicate money, effort, and so much of their time to be the best in competition. Athletes will do whatever they can fairy, to get that edge on their competition and win. …show more content…

By altering the amount of carbohydrates, a track athlete consumes the goal is to enhance their times in the races they run.
Hypothesis: It is hypothesized that carbohydrate intake will be higher than recommendations for optimal race times.

Background of the Study
There have been different studies done regarding athlete energy intake and use. Each researcher uses their own kind of style in their testing. Many test done have used many variety of athletes, rather than just focusing on one sport. Louise M. Burke did a study that “Each athlete has unique energy requirements, which underpin their ability to meet total nutritional goals.2” Athletes have complete control of what the proper nutrition is to go in their bodies. The proper fuel in athletes bodies, they will have a better chance to perform to their best. Burke then says, “Most self-reports of food intake substantially under-estimate energy intake, due to under-reporting or under-eating during the period of record keeping. Many athletes are over-focused on reducing body mass and body fat below levels that are consistent with long-term health and performance. Restrained eating can cause significant detrimental outcomes to body function.2” If athletes were to underestimate how much they are eating, they can possibly be getting enough carbohydrates and other nutrients without even knowing it. Runners that do not eat as much while paying attention to their diet would

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