What Type Of Study Design Is It?

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Research takes various designs, some of which are longitudinal in nature while others are case studies. Each study design has it various components that are followed and which distinguish it from the other (Menard, 2012). It should also be seen that each research design has its pros and cons and circumstances under which it can be used. In so doing, the researchers are supposed to pick on a research design that is likely to satisfy his goals to the maximum. Longitudinal research is supposed to take a long period, about ten years, for the objectives of this research to be achieved (Menard, 2012). It, therefore, means that very many resources have to be used in this research. This paper will take a look at one of these …show more content…

Another rationale for calling this a longitudinal research is that it has a diachronic analysis. With diachronic analysis, the same subjects or individuals are compared over time (Menard, 2012). In this research, women who are giving birth in one part of Canada had being observed over a long period of time. Their many characteristics are being noted down and there is a comparison being done with the women from America. Looking at this study, one will see that another rationale for calling it longitudinal research is that it has an in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the various aspects of the subjects under study (Menard, 2012). With provided example, it can be seen that the research has looked at the age of women who are given birth, the pre-pregnancy weight, their post-pregnancy weight, whether they were smokers or not before and during pregnancy and a host of other features. It shows that the researchers wanted to come up with a comprehensive overview and characteristics of the subjects and how these characteristics may have affected their future and present behaviour. With this type of study, it is possible to analyse changes over a long period of time and try to come up with explanations why that change is taking place. There are various explanations being fronted on why many women are delaying

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