What Way Does Childhood History, Substance Abuse And Poverty Affect Intimate Partner Violence?

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IN WHAT WAY DOES CHILDHOOD HISTORY, SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND POVERTY AFFECT INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE? Intimate Partner Violence has affects individuals from all Backgrounds, Genders, and Socio economic statuses (Women Against Abuse, 2012). Therefore, Intimate Partner violence may and can overlaps with poverty, homelessness, and job instability that suggestively limits victim’s abilities to escape abuse (Women Against Abuse, 2012). There is lack of housing which has widely spread poverty and high rates of community violence (Women Against Abuse, 2012). This; of course, has resulted in impossible difficulties for adults seeking long-time and sustainable safe living situations. These individuals who have experience Intimate Partner Violence are likely to experience under or unemployment due to the cycle of power and control implicated in Intimate Partner Violence dynamics (Women Against Abuse, 2012). Unemployment rates climbed to their highest levels since the early 1980s, the average lengths of unemployment reached its highest level since the federal government began tracking these data in 1948 (Andrews & Goodman, 2009). Intimate Partner Violence agencies began reporting increases in the number of calls they were receiving for help from battered women (e.g. Dethy & Smith, 2009). The report show that among couples who report subjective feeling high levels of financial strain to IPV rate is 9.5% compared with 2.7% for couples who report subjective feeling low levels of financial
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