What Would Darwin Say?

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What Would Darwin Say?
Religion and Evolution

Katrina Venta
ANT 111
Professor Emerson
February 12, 2017

"Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.”
—Albert Einstein For centuries, science and religion have been rendered rather incompatible. People from both sides of the argument have tried to prove why religion and science are not intertwined, while some have argued that both can coexist. If Charles Darwin were alive today doing more research, I would like to think he would be closer to accepting a divine design, maybe even evolving his thesis further to include God in it. Religion and Science are complementary views of the world. He would teach us that in order to get a full and complete …show more content…

On the other hand, some scientists resolve in belief in God, because the universe is so intelligently organized and they can 't believe it happened "randomly". They don 't pretend to know the mind of God, only that it is more likely than not that a God exists. Even though Darwin never mentioned anything about God, I would like to think that if he were alive today and given the advancement in research and science in general, he would accommodate a spiritual being just like other scientists. He would raise the question like “what if evolution is God 's tool?”. Many scientists—and theologians—maintain that it would be perfectly logical to think that a divine being used evolution as a method to create the world (Lovgren, 2004). Darwin would argue that it is a poor man who cannot accept both science and religion in their mind. Religion should be for your own comfort and not as a weapon against others. Science can assist in explaining some of one 's beliefs and questioning those that cannot currently be explained. On a different perspective, I would also think that Darwin would argue that there is a difference between faith and religion. Newton had faith, Euler had faith, Pascal had faith, Einstein had faith, George Washington Carver had faith, many neuro-scientists and astrophysicists that are making great discoveries today have faith. Man is a moral and

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