What Would You Do If You Were Forced Into Engagement In Tom Sawyer

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Tom Sawyer What would you do if you were forced into an engagement with someone you barely know? This issue was thrust upon Becky Thatcher in the book Tom Sawyer. Becky was new in the town where Tom lived. She didn’t meet Tom until the day class started when Tom got into trouble, and was forced to sit on the girl’s side of the room as punishment. Becky complimented on Tom’s drawing and said that she wished she could draw like him. So, Tom asked Becky if she would like to learn and Becky agreed. After class, they let everyone leave before them and Tom began the teaching. Tom then, began cornering Becky after asking her about engagement and had her repeat the words for it.

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The first reason why Becky shouldn’t have let herself be forced into engagement is that she barely knew Tom. Becky didn’t know all the flaws about Tom. Tom would try to get others to do the work for him, like when he tricked the boys into painting the fence his aunt forced him to. He would pick fights with boys and sneak out when he wasn’t supposed too.

The second reason why Becky shouldn’t have let herself be forced into an engagement is that they were too young. They were only kids who were still in middle school.
They weren’t mature enough yet to begin with that and still had a whole lot of childhood left, before they enter that. Becky wasn’t really in love with Tom, so she would’ve divorced. The third reason why Becky should not have allowed herself to be forced into engagement is that her parents wouldn’t have approved. Her parents wouldn’t have liked Tom because of all the trouble he gets into. He was like the other boys, he plays fights, he sneaks off and he doesn’t want to work. He wasn’t mature yet so he wouldn’t really be willing to support his
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