What You Eat Is Your Business

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“What You Eat Is Your Business,” by Radley Balko

In the article of Radley Balko, he considers obesity a problem in the nation. Balko believes that it is unhealthy for children to be eating bad food but it’s their choices to eat that food. Balko is saying that if people are eating unhealthy and are having health problems everyone shouldn't have to pay for their health problems. Balko says, “In other words, bringing the government between you and your waistline.” Basically he is saying that the government shouldn’t be in your business of what you are eating or whether you are obese or not. Balko does not like the fact that the government has so much control over what we are eating and are fighting obesity the wrong way. Balko thinks the …show more content…

This can be frustrating to some people who don’t make a lot of money and have to help someone else when they need help. But when there’s a situation where some people who are sick and it’s not their fault that they have health problems, they need some help with their health care and it would be helpful of others to pay.
Another thing I am agreeing with Balko on is that the government is gaining too much control over our health. For example, the schools menu being

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