What You Say Matters?

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What you say matters. It can make or break any type of relationship or deal, including with yourself. If you say the wrong things over and over again, you can minimize your confidence and lose out in life. But, so many of us get into a pattern of saying the same thing repeatedly, and it is usually something negative that destroys our confidence and causes us to give up on things before we even really see if we can achieve them. So what can you do? If you find yourself saying, "I don 't know what to say to myself to be happier," then use the following techniques to ramp up your positive self-talk.

Get Emotional About Being Happy

Tony Robbins says that in order to make a decision in life, we must have emotion behind it. He says that information without emotion goes nowhere. Therefore, if you want to start talking to yourself better for more happiness, then you need to get emotional about it.

You need to really feel that passion of not wanting to hurt yourself anymore. You need to understand that you are the only one who can make you happy or unhappy, and then get passionate about treating yourself with the type of respect that other people would treat you with.

Figure Out Who Your Best Friend Is

Let 's talk about your perception of yourself. You probably perceive yourself much different than you perceive other people, which influences how you talk to yourself. If you don 't love yourself, then you will be more inclined to say negative things that tear you down and

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