What You Should Shouldn 't Be Sharing On Twitter

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Goal: What You Should — and Shouldn’t Be — Sharing on Twitter Total Words in this Document: Title: What You Should — and Shouldn’t Be — Sharing on Twitter When you’re using Twitter to market your company, you want to make sure you’re getting the most return on your investment. After all, you’re putting time and effort into researching facts, creating witty tweets, and building your list of followers. Unfortunately, though, many companies sabotage their success by posting a tweet before doing their research. Twitter users have their own unique taste, and the content that might be loved by Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat users is not something that will attract the attention of your Twitter followers. Some of Twitter’s least popular…show more content…
One way many Twitters engage with their users is through questions. Whether you ask your followers to give an opinion on your latest ad, to share a funny story or joke related to your content, or to do something specific, this is a direct call to action that gets responses. Make sure to be clear with your requests and to make it easy for your users to follow through. Include links, polls, and compelling questions that will evoke a response. Don’t create lengthy Tweets. With only 140-characters, you don’t have a lot of space to post paragraphs of content. You shouldn’t want to, either. Think about how many times, across social media, you click “read more,” For most people, it’s not that often. Keep your Tweets focused and concise, and learn to say what you want and need to say in as few words as possible. Use your tweets as teasers to show followers your blog and other content. To give yourself more characters for your actual tweets, use link shorteners. Do link to your content. You’re spending time creating content for your followers — share the links on Twitter. The idea of content creation and marketing is to add value to the lives of your customers and prospects, but if your followers don’t know about your blog, you’re missing out on fantastic opportunities. Make sure that the
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