What if the Secret to Success is Failure? Essay

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You have to be smart to be successful right? Perchance there is more to success than just talent and intelligence. People are born with the natural ability to be intelligent, but that does not predict their dedication and commitment to a successful life. Characteristics like grit are pursuing with long-term goals and desiring improvement. Even after failing, one exerts self-discipline to succeed from a motivational perspective. Continuous learning efforts after experiencing discouraging setbacks can enhance the outcome of achieving success as Duckworth mentioned in the transcript, “…like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”
Duckworth defines grit in the transcript as "pursuing long term goals with passion and perseverance, emphasized by stamina …show more content…

I agree with Duckworth because many of us have set out a desired goal and our success is measured differently. For example, not everyone’s idea of success is to become a doctor, or rich and famous. To be successful you have expressed determination, hard work, and failure. Finding ways to believe in growth mindset helps you get up after disappointment rather than letting it discourage you. I think Dweck’s concept of growth mindset can be further studied. Growth mindset is stating that people who devote their time and dedication to their abilities can develop intelligence. When facing challenges we don't always succeed the first time, but that does not mean it discourages us. Instead, we are learning from our mistakes so that we can improve with time and effort. I agree with Dweck, but it should be further studied because it can also depend on the way a person handles the outcome of the situation. Many people tend to have low self-esteem and when they fail they may feel as if they have been defeated. Rather than taking the negative feedback and turning it into a positive outlook to better themselves they become discouraged. Many of us may not have had support and

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