What is Curiosity

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What is Curiosity, why do babies differ in intelligence, personality and characteristics as they grow up? Some people become good citizens, and some grow up to be bad citizens who become dangerous to the community. Philosophers tried to find out and explain these questions that were observed in individuals. There are many developmentalists whom offered different theories to explain human development. Theories of development include, psychoanalytic, learning, cognitive, biological and evolutionary, and system theories (Boyd, 2009), and we are discussing Piaget’s cognitive theory below. Jean Piaget was a Swiss psychologist, and his cognitive- development theory is one of the most influential theories in history.…show more content…
During this stage children are quite egocentric, that they see things likely from one point of view. For example: A child can hold a picture that only she/he can see, and she/he expects you to see at the same time (Boeree, 2006). The concrete operational stage: At this level of human development, children between the ages of seven to eleven focus on things that why and how they happen. Children first see connections around their surroundings, and can attach two and more symbols to an object or event (Macionis, 2009). Children age of seven or eight years, develop conservation of substance that they will know if we take a ball of clay and make it rolled rod or flat which is still the same amount of clay. By age of nine and ten, children can master conservation of area or conservation of mass. Children during this stage can be ready for formal education as well (Boeree, 2006).
The formal operational stage: The last level of human development, at which people think critically and abstractly. Young people about the age of twelve start to reason and gain the capacity for abstract thought, and they learn to understand metaphors and more abstract symbols (Macionis, 2009).

Observation: Observing children’s early development while multiple children are play is interesting to watch in terms of how they behave, play, talk, and act. This observation was done in the family event. There were few children gathered, all were playing
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