What is Deviance?

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Deviance is defined as actions or behaviors that violate socials norms. In turn the concept of deviance is dependent on the social observation and perception. “By it’s very nature, the constructionism through which people define and interpret actions or appearances is always “social.” ”(Henry, 2009 , p. 6) One’s perception of a situation may be completely different from another depending on cultural and social factors. The way someone talks, walks, dresses, and holds themselves are all factors that attribute to how someone perceives another. In some cases what is socially or normally acceptable to one person is deviant in another’s eyes. For this reason there is a lot of gray area involving the topic of deviance because actions and…show more content…
It just doesn’t sit pretty with me to think that there are women out there living like that. Another culturally deviant topic that breaks my heart and is culturally unacceptable in the United States is the one baby policy in China. The government in China has enforced a one child per family policy. This policy has caused the sterilization of women, and abortion, and murder of babies. In some Asian countries like China and India, men are viewed and respected much more than women. For this reason, the babies being aborted, killed, or essentially left for dead are primarily female. China is such an enormous country, with a lot of land. Unfortunately like a lot of countries in the world most of the population is primarily located in small urban areas. This causes these areas to become vastly overpopulated. Which from what I read is the main concern fueling this devastating situation. My third example of deviance in the world would be the treatment of terminally ill and dying in Singapore that was portrayed in Mondo Cane. In the United States for the most part individuals on their deathbed are treated well. Hospice services in the United States help provide comfort and safety for the terminally ill to make their end of life experience as easy and painless as possible. Watching the movie and seeing the conditions in which these people have to live in the last
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