What is Political Socialization? Essay

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Political Socialization The presidential and congressional elections come down to the two main parties except for some congressional seats where independents may win an election. Many times voters mainly vote based on which party they affiliate with most and may not understand the candidate’s views on issues. The two parties do not encompass all of one person’s political views. To understand why a person votes a certain way is to understand their political ideology and how a person comes to their political ideology. Political ideology is how a person expresses their values and beliefs into their political leaning (Dautrich p.270. A person can vary between liberal and conservative ideology depending on the political issues. Political …show more content…

Major life events may also affect a person’s political ideology such as marriage, children, loss of loved one, and war. Military service can be a major factor in a person’s ideology such as belief in fighting a war or becoming an isolationist. My current political ideology is socially liberal but fiscally conservative. I do not consider myself either Republican or Democrat but independent, even though I primarily vote Republican based on fiscal responsibility. For the longest time I held a conservative view socially and fiscal. I went to a Christian college where social views where conservative especially in pro-life and sexual orientation issues. As I have gone away from a Christian college and travelling the world I have met people where I did not agree with their social ideology. My views started to change when I let more people into my circle that I did not agree with politically and understood where their views came from. On sexuality orientation I have met some who are in the homosexual lifestyle and deserve to have their lifestyle choices without discrimination but I still believe that every person has a right to life even those who are not yet born. Fiscally I am conservative because I believe in being responsible with finances. I believe those who work hard deserve money and those who are lazy and avoid work do not deserve the government handouts

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