What is The Scientific Method, and How is The Theory Applied to Fingerprint Analysis?

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What is the scientific method ,and how is the theory applied to fingerprint analysis? The complete friction ridge identification process involves using the "identification philosophy and scientific methodology" in determining whether or not an "unknown friction ridge impression"(herein, called latent) came from the same source as a "known inked print (herein called print)to the exclusion of all others. (1) David Ashbaugh refers to this identification process as, "a guide of how friction ridge quantative-qualititive analysis is transformed into an opinion of individuality. It describes the friction ridge formations used during analysis while establishing parameters as to how much knowledge one must have to perform such a task." Analysis, …show more content…

Red Flags are abnormalities in the lift and provide many cautions. They are contained within the latent or surrounding areas . These include: *Double taps *Similar shaped ridge path formations *Matrix smears *Colur reversals *Inconsistancies in ridge width *Light or dark areas *Sudden directional change in ridge flow. *Does the lift appear consistant with the surface from which it was lifted? When a Latent Print Examiner considers any of these red flags, and how

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