What´s Corporate Culture Essay

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Corporate culture is the nature of a company’s internal work atmosphere, which is shaped by system of beliefs, shared values, moral standards, and traditions that in turn define behavioral norms, inbuilt attitudes work practices and operating styles. Company’s corporate traditions are very vital because it influence the organization’s events and approaches in conducting business.
A company’s culture is grounded in and shaped by its core values and moral standards. Core values and ethical standards serve two roles in the culture building process in which they help foster a work a climate in which employees share common and strongly held convictions about how company business is to be conducted and they serve as yardsticks for gauging the appropriateness of particular actions, decisions and behaviors; thus help in directing the company personnel towards both doing things right. The imperative key components of company’s background comprise the company’s values, moral standards, its approach to people administration, its work atmosphere and company strength, how its personnel interact, the behaviors awarded through incentives, traditions and often related myths and its manners of dealing with stake holders.
Company cultures diverge widely in strength and influence. Some are powerfully fixed and have a big impact on a company’s practices and behavioral norms. Others are fragile and have comparatively modest influence on business operations. Strong corporation cultures can…

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