Ethical Assessment Of The Coffee Shop

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Ethical Climate Survey
I have been selected by the Dreamx Coffee Parlour for the purpose of conducting survey about the causes of ethical breaches by its employees and its impact on organizational culture. This coffee shop has been in operation since a decade. Coffee shop provides the coffee lovers a unique taste of Coffee with blend of ancient Italian roaster. The coffee shop also offers juices, sandwiches, snacks, chocolates, cakes as side orders. It primarily employs college students as its employees and the management of the coffee shop constitutes of senior students. So, its management lacks experience and skills of leadership and managing employees in a way that yields positive performance and results. Moreover, the organization is poorly structured that has resulted in the decline in its revenue and profit. The purpose of employing students as its employees is to get the work done in in-convenient hours and under low wages. These practices have demotivated employees resulting in escalation of their turnover intentions.
Key Steps for Organization
The purpose or aim of every organization is to establish such an organizational culture and behavior among its employees that helps in achievement of ideal ethical standards. There are certain determinants that play a critical role in helping achieve the right organizational culture. Some of these include personal moral intensity, social ties, codes of ethics, locus of control and Machiavellianism. These

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