What’s the Big Deal about Privacy? Essay

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Privacy is having seclusion from others, where one can be in solitude. Having personal privacy, like most things, have benefits and faults. Recently, Edward Snowden leaked private government documents for the world to see; once this news was discovered, he moved to Russia because Russia does not have extradition laws. A debate on the importance of privacy flustered. Personal privacy is important to have because certain information shared can ruin relationships between others, having privacy is having freedom, and privacy gives one a sense of autonomy and security. By revealing certain information about someone or something, relationships between people can tarnished. People have privacy for the sake of having matters. As stated by …show more content…

Since privacy is a natural right, there’s no actually proof that privacy keeps people trapped. People can be put a dangerous predicament if their information is revealed to others. Giving away personal information is giving an intimate insight on your life. Let’s say you reported a criminal to the police, and the criminal wants revenge. Your information got leaked to the public and the criminal can easily access the same information. Not only would the criminal know you are, but his cohorts or partners will also know, which means that you’re in trouble. Privacy keeps you safe. Having privacy make you “you.” Many people can live in uniform with your lifestyle. Nobody would be unique or special without privacy! People would argue that giving away information would make the world closer together. These people are not aware that privacy plays a big factor in autonomy. People will always disagree about a lot of things, so by sharing information, the world would most likely be more separated than together. Overall, having personal privacy prevent wrecking certain relationships, keeps mysteries alive and expresses freedom, and shows people’s autonomy and safety. Privacy keeps people from saying offensive things. Without privacy, everyone would know what everyone else, making the world free of mysteries, leading to boredom. Privacy can protect a person from certain threats, like criminals to want revenge. If privacy never exists, the world would have ended a

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