When Cell Phones First Came Out Years Ago, They Where Big

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When cell phones first came out years ago, they where big and balky and only had one propose, to make a phone call. There wasn’t much to them, other than the buttons used to dial the number you wished to call; in recent year technology has changed all that. Cell phones nowadays are completely different looking, than their predecessor before them, what is now called a smart phone comes in many shape and sizes. With new technology improvements, so called smart phones have changed the way every people conduct daily routines, in fact I hardly ever use my laptop computer anymore other than doing home for college. With a Smartphone people can now do just about everything they could do on a computer, web developers have made is easy for people to …show more content…

Fast forward 10 years, Motorola releases its first mass production type cell phone the Motorola Dyna TCA 8000X, costing consumers nearly $4,000, due to its cost and lack of performance it wasn’t a big hit, really only business type people would fork out the dough for one. It wasn’t till 1997 when Nokia launched its Nokia 6110, with features such as games like Memory, Snake and Logic; it also had a calculator, clock and calendar. The Nokia 6110 was a huge improvement over the costly Motorola device, with the battery last longer and giving consumers more talk time, with added features like the games and clock/calendar. Over the year technology continued to shape mobile device and their features, in 2003 the BlackBerry5810, took it up a notch allowing users to not only make phone calls, but also check and send emails with its QWERTY keyboard feature. Few years later BlackBerry produced another one of a kind cell phone with the BlackBerry 7270 released in 2005, what was so special about it? It offered the first ever Wi-Fi feature, since then the sky has been the limit for smart phones, they are smaller, lighter, and offer users not only the ability to make phone calls, but also features like email, web browsing, music, games, apps, online banking and yeah still has a clock and calendar.

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