When Consumers Say Organic Foods Are The Best For You Because

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When consumers say organic foods are the best for you because markets tell you that there are healthier for you, makes me wonder, do these people really formulate the process that goes into the organic food business. That is what Steven Shapin, author of “What Are You Buying When You Buy Organic?” debated in the book They Say, I Say. The purpose of his article is to inform people that are maybe interested in converting from non-organic foods to a healthier lifestyle, what the process is to acquire organic foods. Also he wanted to expose how much money it takes to keep foods legitimately fresh. He did this because he wants the readers to understand how much these organic companies emphasize to keeping through foods organic, which is not …show more content…

I believe this is the most informative appeal because he provides the readers with multiple instances when he uses other credible people’s (scientists, geographers, farmers) findings and puts it in his article. An example from the article was when Shapin was talking about geographer, Julie Gutman, who wrote Agrarian Dreams: The Paradox of Organic Farming in California. Her article was referring to the massive gold rush in California as a starting point for organic farmers to use that land as a starting point for their business (431). I would say she is a credible source because not only is she a geographer, but also because she went beyond her given title and wrote about how organic farming basically evolved in California. Also, I believe the Shapin is very much credible as well because he teaches at Harvard University and he has written even more articles about the genetics of foods and sciences. One of the many examples of ethos that Shapin used in his article happened to be when he was talking about the early stages of an “organic movement” (Shapin 433) and referred to Sir Albert Howard’s 1940 book “An Agricultural Testament”. “It was thought that all plants really needed from the soil was the correct quantities and proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium” (433). This quote from Howard’s book can be proven as a credible source because was he agronomist, whom specialize in

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