When I Was In The Middle School, The Physics Teacher Introduced

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When I was in the middle school, the physics teacher introduced triboelectrification by adopted an example—inversely stroking animals’ fur can generate electricity. Unlike a typical student who were good at science, my mind subconsciously wandered to an animal power plant: thousands of workers were stroking cats to generate electricity. However, my identity was the math TA; my second romantic self was a secret throughout.
I still remember my first dress design at the age of 5. It was made of lake blue cloth, some leftover material from my grandma’s coat; a floor-length bubble skirt with a strapless top. I could not control a needle at that age, so I used double-side tap to directly stick the dress on a Barbie Chelsea. That work was too …show more content…

This fact leads a funny situation: most people will work in irrelevant fields after they graduate. But situation are different in America. I have seen students who would spend a whole day in art studios or try their best to raise fund for spontaneous math seminar. I started to question myself: studying math or economics could provides me various decent career possibilities, and my math grade is not bad, but is math truly my loved Mr. Right?
I gradually realize that, compared with other math majors around me, I kind of lack the enthusiasm that they have—to detailedly seek deeper principles behind every conclusive formula. I constantly regard math as a tool to educate me how to comprehend and think critically. Undoubtedly I enjoy working on math, but if let numbers and computing dominate my future, will I be totally regretless or incessantly imagine another life composed with art? I believe I should experience the second situation because of my college experience so far.
At first, I chose Fordham because of its location. During my freshmen year, I found out its academic difficulty is not challenging enough and decided to transfer. Universities like Vanderbilt became my targets because of their well-known academic reputation. The offer took me away from New York City to Nashville, a city of music but not art. This city provides few high standard art museum or

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